System Glashütte – What’s that?

Glashütte was famous for its watch industry more than a hundred years ago, producing pocket watches of the highest quality. Ferdinand A. Lange was certainly the most renowned Glashütte manufacturer, but watches by Großmann or Assmann were also sought-after and expensive.

Movement System Glashütte, unknown manufacturer, diameter 13 1/4´´´
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Gustav Becker – Pocket Watches from Silesia, Germany

Gustav Becker from Freiburg in Silesia, Germany, was a well-known manufacturer of clocks (grandfather clocks, wall clocks, alarm clocks, etc.), but also made a few pocket watches with their own movement. This one is the subject of this article.

Emergency money Freiburg in Silesia 1921, pocket watch movement Gustav Becker

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Regulating a watch movement for beginners

Mechanical watch movements consist of a large number of individual parts whose manufacturing precision determines, among other things, how accurate a movement is. In addition, external influences such as shocks or temperature changes contribute to the fact that a movement always shows a certain deviation from the real time. And aging processes of the lubricants and materials used also have their share.

ETA 6497-1 [source:]

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Guba Watch Movements from Germany

Guba in Ellmendingen near Pforzheim was a German manufacturer of watch movements about which hardly anything is known. Here we take a look at the little that is known.

The history of Guba Uhrenrohwerke (watch movements) began in 1924, when the goldsmith Hermann Friedrich Bauer and his sons founded a company in Pforzheim to manufacture gold watch straps, followed a little later by gold watch cases.

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