Miki Eleta BY 21Dez12ME – A flying saucer as watch movement

One of the most intersting watch movements I have ever seen: the BY 21Dez12ME from watchmaker Mik Eleta:

[Quelle: http://www.mikieleta.com/timepieces/by-21dez12me/]

Technical specifications
• Retrograde minute
• Jumping hour
• Day of the week
• Phase of the moon
• World time indication
• Gravity tourbillon, chronometer escapement
• Outer diameter: 25 cm
• Height: 20 cm
• Weight: 5 kg

The price of this incredible piece of art is 200.000 CHF (VAT not included).

[Quelle: http://www.mikieleta.com/timepieces/by-21dez12me/]
You can find more information, pictures and a video here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/elizabethdoerr/2016/11/24/miki-eletas-by-21dez12me-interstellar-clock-is-a-veritable-flying-saucer-and-more/#2c4f05bc42f1


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