100 Posts – The Top 10

After 100 articles in a good seven years, it is time today to review the many different articles on the subject of movements. Below I present you the TOP 10, which consists of a mixture of my personal favorites and the most frequently accessed articles by my readers.

Ein Uhrwerk aus dem Gehäuse ausbauen

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Technically not very sophisticated, but by far the most accessed post from my collection!

Accurat Swiss K1 – ein besonderes Werk

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A small Swiss company develops its own movement and breaks with many customs of the Swiss watch industry. Among other things, the first watches with its own movement were sold via Kickstarter.
Other in-house movements followed, such as a tourbillon and a microrotor. Hats off!

Ultra – Watches and Movements from France

Just as interesting as the movements are their manufacturers and their history. Especially in France, there is a lot to discover! Ultra is a largely unknown manufacturer of movements, which will be honored here accordingly. We also meet here a gifted technician and inventor, who developed the first French automatic movement around 1950.

Domenico Morezzi – Italy’s forgotten watch movement manufacturer

There was also a manufacturer of movements in Italy until the 1970s, which unfortunately fell into complete oblivion. For some years now, his nephew has been trying to revive the brand. This is an article that is very close to my personal heart, as the research on it was long and tedious. But it was worth it.

The Ronda R150 under the loupe

Ronda was a manufacturer of mechanical movements until the quartz crisis, but then abandoned them in favor of quartz movements. That Ronda announced a new mechanical movement in 2016 was a minor sensation. And a good reason to look at it in detail.

Zerlegen eines Uhrwerkes für Anfänger – Seagull ST3600

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If you have already removed the movement from the case, you might as well disassemble it. The second most viewed post from my article collection!

Ricoh’s Automatic Watch Movements

After Seiko, Citizen and Orient, Ricoh was the number four Japanese manufacturer of watches with mechanical movements developed in-house. The movement production originated from another Japanese company, Takano. A tribute to the company’s automatic movements.

La Bisontine – Movements and Watches from Besançon

More from France? Yes, as mentioned above, there is still a lot to discover there. So go ahead, it’s worth getting to know La Bisontine from Besançon, whose history goes back to 1890!

Dugena – List of Watch Movements

Not one of my typical articles highlighting the history of movement manufacturers or technical details of movements. But a list of all known Dugena calibers and their associated third-party manufacturers and their calibers.

TOP 10
Bifora und Jayco, eine deutsch-indische Kooperation

Sorry, this post is only available in German!

Something really exotic! An Indian movement manufacturer who, in cooperation with a German manufacturer, replicates the latter’s movements and builds them into his own watches. The history of the watch industry holds interesting and exciting surprises!

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